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    at Forum for Dialogue?

Thanks to an invitation from Facing History and Ourselves and support of EFC Foundation, Forum’s Director of International Relations Olga Kaczmarek participated in a Global Summit on Facing the Violent Past in Stellenbosch, RSA where she talked about the School of Dialogue program. As the conference, organized by Facing History and Ourselves, focused on the role of history education in fostering peacebuilding, positive intergroup and intragroup relations, and the processes of democratization, a presentation on the School of Dialogue program received a lot of positive feedback and interest from an audience of international educators and change makers.

Facing History and Ourselves is a US non-profit, one of the most important educational organizations working on a better, more open and just society by fighting xenophobia, antisemitism and other forms of discrimination. Forum has been its partner organization since 2012.

From left: Igor Czernecki, Chair of the Board of EFC Foundation and Polish Friend of the Forum, Dylan Wray, co-founder of Shikaya, South African non-profit that supports teachers and school leaders, Karen L. Murphy, Director of International Strategy for Facing History and Ourselves, Roy Hellenberg, co-founder of Shikaya and expert on education in post-conflict societies, and Olga Kaczmarek, Forum’s Director of International Relations.