Empowering Activists and Leaders

Leaders of Dialogue are amazing activists who work in towns all over Poland to bring back the memory of local Polish/Jewish past. Very often they engage in these activities beyond their regular professions as teachers, representatives of local authorities, historians and museum guides, construction workers. They give up their time and financial resources because they feel that raising awareness of the local Jewish heritage and preserving it is simply the right thing to do. They believe it is not enough that they know about it and they share their knowledge with families, friends and neighbors. Working with them we have learned that Leaders of Dialogue often act alone, and feel they could do a lot more with a little extra help. We realize how important it can be to provide activists with support that allows them to learn and grow, expand their knowledge and skills, fulfill their dreams related to filling the gaps in local Polish/Jewish history.

Over the years we have developed ways to financially support our Leaders to be able to answer their needs. The following funding opportunities are currently available for leaders in the network:

  • A scholarship towards personal development funded by The David and Anna Dlugie Kliger Scholarship Fund.
  • Grants and scholarships towards establishing relations with Holocaust survivors and descendants of Jews from Leaders’ towns as well as permanent commemoration and distribution of knowledge about the local Jewish heritage funded by Ledor Wador Foundation.


Have a look at the achievements of the recipients to date and read how they decided to use the funds they were awarded with.

2021 Grant Competition Results

2021 Scholarship for Local Activism Competition Results

2021 Personal Development Scholarship Competition









Project co-financed by the Ledor Wador Foundation and The David and Anna Dlugie Kliger Scholarship Fund.