Reconnecting Ties

Meeting with March of the Living Group from Great Britain

April 2015

On Monday April 13, students from the Primate of the Millennium Public Junior High School in Grójec took part in an extraordinary meeting. The school received a visit from a group of forty-one guests from the United Kingdom. Among the guests were students of London Business School, as well as the descendants of Jewish residents of the prewar Poland. The group came to Poland to participate in the March of the Living that was held on Thursday  April 16. The students presented their project implemented within the School of Dialogue program.

At the end of the meeting, one of the guests said: “During such meetings, as the one today, we discover that even if we live in different parts of the world, we are all THE SAME – and this is beautiful. Yet, at the same time, we are DIFFERENT – and that is really fascinating! I am a Jew and I am proud of it – many Jews feel this way. This goes the same for the Poles – they can be proud of who they are. Because everyone of us wants to be SOMEBODY, to have a feeling of belonging.”