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Ever since the diplomatic crisis of 2018 between Poland and Israel, Forum has intensified its initiatives aimed at rebuilding the trust and dialogue between the two countries. Our answer was the launch of the Polish/Israeli Leadership Initiative, a platform for cooperation and ideas exchange for a community of public opinion leaders from Poland and Israel happening each year alternatively in Poland or Israel. After the success of last year’s program hosted by Polish Friends of the Forum, this year, we have brought a group to Israel, where they met their Israeli counterparts for a program designed to strengthen bonds made last year and foster further meaningful conversations about current issues in Polish/Jewish dialogue, as well as contemporary politics and social issues important in Poland and Israel. This was yet another intense week-long visit comprised of meetings with experts on political and social issues, kibbutzniks from Lohamei HaGetaot, members of Israeli NGOs, artists, and representatives of local authorities.

But first and foremost, it was an opportunity for incredible people united by shared values and their belief in the Forum mission, to once again confront the most difficult issues and have a dialogue about them.

One of the Polish participants summarized her experience: “The most important aspects of the visit were the sincere and open conversation, the stories and emotions expressed openly and received with a most empathetic manner, and the relationships formed. Connecting to the Israeli participants is a way to build bridges, work on the difficult past, and get back something we have lost in the midst of the 20th century.”

photos by H.Gospodarczyk


Project co-financed by the Friends of the Forum and the Orange Polska S.A.