• Polish/Israeli Leadership Initiative

Polish/Israeli Leadership Initiative is the first program of its kind between Poland and Israel. An initiative which builds people to people connections is a platform for cooperation for a growing community of Polish and Israeli public opinion leaders. It was envisioned as an opportunity for these leaders to create lasting relations, partnerships, and friendship.

The program involves annual Reunions, which in 2018 took place in Poland and in 2019 brought the group to Israel. During each reunion the international group of leaders participates in an intense program addressing common issues and concerns related to democracy and civil society.

We hope to create opportunities for Poles and Israelis to share their perspectives on the situation in their respective countries, which in turn will strengthen trust between them regardless of political or diplomatic situation. The experiences of 2018 Reunion in Poland showed us how important it is to
talk, bond, and challenge each other. Now, we’re taking another step towards a more comprehensive and complex understanding of the past, present, and future.

photo: J.Szkarłat and H.Gospodarczyk