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“Polish-Jewish Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Challenges of Memory and Education,” international conference organized jointly by Forum for Dialogue and the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, was a huge success!

For three days, nearly 300 teachers and educators from all over Poland had an unique opportunity to participate in lectures, discussion panels, and workshops, as well as to debate on how to talk about Polish/Jewish history without mythologizing or sugar-coating the past. Among scholars and experts in the field of Jewish studies who spoke at the conference were the representatives of Forum for Dialogue: Vice President Zuzanna Radzik was one of the panelists of “How to understand the Polish/Jewish heritage and why it is important to debate about it?” discussion, while our Leaders of Dialogue, Anna Włodek and Mirosław Skrzypczyk were joined by Young Leaders of Dialogue, Dominika Panfil, Piotr Czerniejewski, and Dawid Gańczak during the “Working with local communities on the preservation of Polish/Jewish heritage” panel chaired by Forum’s Julia Machnowska. Forum’s educator, Aneta Ceglarek shared her School of Dialogue expertise during the “Complicated memory – how to teach about the Jews from Western Territories that became part of Poland after World War II” workshop, and Izabela Meyza led the “Talking about the Jews in a classroom – how to cope with difficult situations” workshop.