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A Visit of Bob Geminder and Gabriel Y. Karin

April 2017

On April 20, a day after the 74th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, two Holocaust Survivors met with students of Lajlos Kossuth High School to talk about their childhood in hiding during the war. Bob Geminder and Gabrielle Karin, currently living in the United States, shared with the alumni of the School of Dialogue 2016 and their fellow-students, an important message about the power of knowledge: though people may strip you of everything, they will never take away what you know and have learned.

On the day before the meeting, students from the same high school took part in the “Daffodils” campaign organized by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN, to commemorate the Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. During the event they distributed paper daffodil pins in honor of the fighters. A local online newspaper published an article about the action: HaloUrsynów.pl.


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