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A Visit of Richard Weintraub

May 2017

Richard Weintraub, a descendant of Polish Jews and a participant of Forum’s study trip in 2014, once again visited Poland. This time he met with the participants of the School of Dialogue program in Krempna. This was the second time Richard visited Poland to search for information about his family. In 2015, together with his family he visited School of Dialogue in Makow Mazowiecki.

During the presentation of their findings, students from Krempna and their guests established a deep bond. Later, they all went to the Hałbowska Pass.

At the site of a mass grave where 1200 Jews were shot during the war, the students lit candles in a gesture of respect and commemoration. After saying goodbye to the students, Richard went to Kotań, where he visited a wooden Orthodox church. When the keeper of the church found out that the guest’s family came from this area, she exclaimed, “You’re a local!”.

We encourage you to watch a short film from Richard Weintraub’s visit in 2015.


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