Reconnecting Ties

Visit from Great Britain and USA

May 2015

“I was inspired by the new generation of Poles who are reclaiming Polish-Jewish history as part of their own story. They discovered a deeper layer of truth about their village. And then they shared it with me, the first living Jew they have ever met.” So said Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand in an interview on BBC Radio 2. Rabbi Boyd participated in the Forum’s study trip to Poland, and was speaking about her meeting with School of Dialogue students in Sienno.

Rabbi Boyd was part of a delegation of Jewish community leaders from the United States and Great Britain who at the end of September participated in an intense week-long program prepared by the Forum and devoted to Polish-Jewish relations.

They met with representatives of academia, media, politics and Polish Jewish community, and visited the students in Sienno.

We invite you to listen to Shoshana Boyd Gelfand’ talk on BBC Radio’s Pause for Thought.