• Leaders of Dialogue

    A Community of Changemakers

Launched in 2013, the Leaders of Dialogue project is aimed for local activists involved in Polish/Jewish dialogue, combating anti-Semitism, teaching about Jewish history and culture and preserving local Jewish heritage. For them, Forum for Dialogue has created a platform for exchanging experiences and broadening their knowledge and honing their skills.

fot. Z.Radzik

 For me, the most fascinating part was the possibility to meet people from all over Poland. People with different backgrounds, active in different fields with different experiences, yet people with whom I share my passion. It’s wonderful to be able to meet them and see that we face similar issues. And although each of us is grappling with a different kinds of obstacles, we are all moving in the same direction.

– Piotr Jakoweńko, Cukerman’s Gate Foundation, Będzin

Creating community Forum’s work outside large municipal centers allowed us to meet many dedicated individuals. Very often, they feel alone in what they do, facing various obstacles and requiring support without a clear vision where to look for it. At the same time, through their longstanding work in their local area, they have gained invaluable experience they can share with one another as well as with experts removed from what is happening “out in the field.” We decided to create a platform for meetings, exchanging experiences, and also dialogue between experts and activists. Growing each year, Leaders of Dialogue creates a community that can be a source of support, a networking opportunity and a forum for exchanging best practices.

Encounters Key to building such a community is the possibility of personal interactions. Through the Leaders of Dialogue program, an annual nationwide conference is organized each spring, bringing all Leaders of Dialogue together and allowing for integration, meetings with experts, but also presentation of activists’ local achievements. Since 2015, an annual conference to be held each fall provides the group with an opportunity of a study tour to see Leaders’ work in the area where they live and work. Leaders of Dialogue is a long-term program – it is a community of dialogue-building individuals.

fot. M.Śmiarowski, Z.Radzik


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