• School of Dialogue

    Teaching about the Past to Ensure
    a Better Future

The success of Forum for Dialogue is based on the work of motivated and engaged team of educators. Understanding the need for continuous development and skills upgrading, we have developed a program of ongoing training and integration, a space for educators to exchange their experiences. This way, our team of educators can tackle any new challenge in a professional and passionate manner.  The program provides not only new training tools, but also broadens their knowledge about Polish/Jewish relations, gives opportunity to meet with experts and visit sites related to Jewish history and the modern Jewish life.

Becoming a Forum for Dialogue educator includes taking part in 10-12 days of training. During this time, newly-recruited educators attend lectures on Polish/Jewish history and relations with a special emphasis on the Holocaust, as well as Jewish culture, traditions, heritage and the contemporary Jewish community. Participants visit sites related to Jewish history and modern Jewish life, meet with representatives of Jewish community and Jewish heritage institutions, hear from social activists and experts in the field.

They learn how to react to difficult situations such as responding to anti-Semitic comments during workshops, overcoming resistance in the local community, handling lack of support or too much interference of the school teachers.

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They also learn and practice facilitation skills, informal methods of education and carefully study the School of Dialogue curriculum. Also, our educators have an opportunity to participate in events about the Polish/Jewish relations, such as discussions, film screenings and lectures.

I began my work with the Forum as an educator, I just wanted to run workshops. It is here that I learned about Jewish culture and history and I somehow ended up dedicating both my BA and MA theses to Jewish matters. The topic had simply become very important to me. I love School of Dialogue workshops, because they allow me to discover the richness of Jewish heritage in many remote regions of Poland.

Monika Oszmaniec, educator