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A Visit of the Jewish Museum of Australia Goup and Marcin Grynberg

June 2017

In June 2017, a group from the Jewish Museum of Australia visited the School of Dialogue alumni from Stefan Czarniecki High School in Kozienice. The group was accompanied by Marcin Grynberg, a descendant of Kozienice Jews. As he said before the meeting: “When I found out that Forum is coming to Kozienice, I knew that I was going to meet experts, the young people who searched all over the place and found out different things”.

After a warm welcome, speeches by representatives of local authorities, including the mayor of Kozienice, and premilinary icebreaker activities, the students took their guest on a walking tour around Jewish Kozienice they prepared as part of the School of Dialogue program. The community of Kozienice welcomed the guests with open arms, helping them reconnect with their ancestors.

For more watch the film made from the meeting:


The program is co-financed by Malka and Pinek Krystal Scholarship Fund.