Urszula Antosz-Rekucka

Mszana Dolna

Urszula Antosz-Rekucka - Leader of Dialogue in Mszana Dolna

It is very important for me to light the Shabbat candles in our house every week in order to keep the memory alive – I started to do this some time ago as an expression of my disagreement with the fact that there are no more people in my town who lit the light every Friday, bake challah and say the blessings. I decided to do it on behalf of them and for them, for their memory. I solemnly promised it during the ceremony of presenting the Priest S. Musiał Award of the Club of Christians and Jews “Covenant”, which took place in March 2018.  Together with my family, and sometimes my friends or students, we also light Hanukkah candles, bake rugelas and play dreidel every year – for the same reason we bake hamantashe on Purim. The family is, after all, a powerful support in all activities, some of them even in some way followed in my footsteps. And we all like challah, even our dog. If we are not at home on Sabbath, we celebrate it wherever we go.