Dorota Budzińska

A grant recipient in 2019

Grants and scholarships for Leaders of Dialogue

Dąbrowa Jews. Landscapes of Memory”

Dorota Budzińska engages in various actions in order to commemorate the former Jewish residents of Dabrowa Grodzieńska/Białostocka and bring back their memory. The efforts to establish contacts with the descendants of Dąbrowa Jews, organize their meetings with the local community, collect testimonies by witnesses of history or cleaning up the Jewish cemetery result in a rich visual and documentary material. The aim of the project is to create a website where information about pre-war Jewish residents of Dąbrowa Białostocka will be systematically collected and presented.

The website is being developed in cooperation with the Town and Community Cultural Center in Dąbrowa, descendants of Dąbrowa Jews, the Community Museum of Białystok and the region, and participants in the School of Dialogue program. The main target audience of the information, photographs, maps and documents published on the website will be inhabitants of Dąbrowa, students of nearby schools and the descendants of Jews from Dąbrowa and neighboring towns and cities.


Project co-financed by the Ledor Wador Foundation.