Urszula Antosz-Rekucka

Mszana Dolna

Urszula Antosz-Rekucka - Leader of Dialogue in Mszana Dolna

From the very beginning of my work as a religion teacher, I’ve put a lot of effort in activities concerning dialogue. I began in a small, rural school in Łostówka near Mszana Dolna, with ecumenical projects and implementation of the idea of respecting other religions and cultures. Not everyone liked it, after a few years I was forced to change my job, but thanks to that I could do more among young people in Mszana. Ecumenical weeks, the Day of Judaism, the Day of Islam, the days of Solidarity with the Mentally Ill, the Disabled, the days of the Fight against Depression and the Day of No Cursing are the permanent points of my school work. Sometimes I am invited to travel for example to Krakow to share my experience. I gave a speech at the Day of Judaism in 2018, participated in a meeting at CKŻ, I have very good memories of my conversation with Radio Kraków.