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News 2022

We are happy to announce that the following members of the Leaders of Dialogue network have been finally selected to receive co-financing of their projects:

Results of the Grant Competition:

  • Dorota Bida and Wiktor Ambroziewicz Chełm Regional Museum for their project “Exhibition: Life and Destruction of Chełm’s Jews on the 80th Anniversary of the Chełm Ghetto Liquidation” – PLN 10,761.00 zł gross,
  • Anna Brzyska together with the Memory and Dialogue. Common History. Association for their project “Hidden Histories: Information Plaques at the Brzesko Jewish Cemetery and Exhibition about Malka Zimetbaum on the 80th Anniversary of Ghetto Liquidation/Aktion Reinhardt” – PLN 15,000.00 gross,
  • Mariusz Czuj and Gates of Memory Włodawa – Sobibór Association for their project “Forgotten Jewish Cemeteries. Witnesses of Włodawa’s History” – PLN 11,000.00 gross,
  • Bożena Gajewska and Friends of Kutno Region Society for their project “Searching for Traces of Jewish Past in Żychlin” – PLN 9,000.00 gross,
  • Teresa Jabłońska and Września Children Foundation for their project “The History and Culture of Jews in Września. Września Youth at Sites of Memory” – PLN 13,120.00 gross,
  • Kamil Kmak and Saga Grybów for their project “Uprooted/Grounded” – PLN 6,000.00 gross,
  • Dariusz Popiela and Popiela Family Foundation Centrum for the continuation of the project “People, not Numbers” in Nowy Sącz – PLN 10,000.00 gross,
  • Marek Rekucki and the Mszana Dolna Shtetl Foundation for their project “Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of Holocaust of the Mszana Dolna Jewish Community,” which includes the participation of descendats of Mszana’s Jews – PLN 10,000.00 gross,
  • Anita Rucioch-Gołek and Arkady Fiedler Primary School in Zbąszyń for their project “Commemoration of the Jewish Community of Zbąszyń” to cover the costs of a commemorative plaque – PLN 7,000.00 gross.


Local Activism Scholarship Competition:

  • Marek Chmielewski for his project “Days of Memory – On the 80th Anniversary of the Orla Ghetto Liquidation” – PLN 6,024.00 gross,
  • Mirosław Skrzypczyk for his project “Eighty Years after the Holocaust of the Jews of Szczekociny. Tender closeness with former residents” – PLN 6,024.00 gross.


Personal Development Scholarship Competition:

  • Teresa Jabłońska for a one-time purchase of a laptop – PLN 4,215.66 gross,
  • Anita Rucioch-Gołek for a 10-day study visit of the East of Poland and its Jewish history and culture – PLN 4,342.17 gross.

We congratulate all the awardees!

The Leaders of Dialogue program, including grants and scholarships, was financed thanks to the generosity of Friends of the Forum, Ledor Wador Foundation, and individual donors and institutions from Poland and abroad supporting Forum for Dialogue. Scholarships for personal development are possible thanks to The David and Anna Dlugie Kliger Scholarship Fund.