Joanna Potaczek

A grant recipient in 2019

Grants and scholarships for Leaders of Dialogue

Commemorating the murder of Jews executed at the Jewish cemetery in Wola Michowa”

The main goal of Joanna Potaczek’s activism is to commemorate the pre-war inhabitants of the now non-existent town of Wola Michowa. The planned actions include research in the archives and historical sources about the 150 victims murdered in July 1942. The information found will be used to commemorate the victims with plaques, designed in a way to have the information about the Jewish residents of Wola Miechowa added with time. The project is mainly directed to adult men detained in the Penitentiary Facility in nearby Łupków.

They are the target group of educational activities carried out within the project, which include talks, lectures and workshops conducted by historians and local activists. The official unveiling of plaques at the Jewish cemetery in Wola Michowa will be held in July in the presence of prisoners from the Penitentiary Institution, residents, local historians and activists, representatives of churches of different religions, and Judit Elkin, a Holocaust survivor.


Project co-financed by the Ledor Wador Foundation.