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My interest in Jewish culture has its roots in my fascination with the history of my hometown – Seroczyn. My conversations with my neighbor whose stories were both vivid and authentic and who was able to convey many interesting historical facts, his passion and readiness to share his knowledge and – as some claim – my “gift of listening” inculcated me with a passion for studying all aspects of local history, which is reflected in my documentation work and collecting materials – especially photographs that evoke strong emotions.

I also started searching for information about my region in various sources and articles. Their meager amount encouraged me to write such pieces myself. They are published online on websites documenting Jewish heritage in Poland.

I became involved in maintenance works at the local Jewish cemetery and recovering headstones that are no longer on its premises. So far, we were able to clean the cemetery area from piles of trash and overgrowth. With a group of friends I created a lapidarium from the recovered matzevot.

Learning about, describing, documenting and promoting the shared Polish-Jewish history is a source of great satisfaction for me. A number of times I was able to establish new facts or correct wrong information. Through my activism, many people can learn with materials unknown to them before. I hope that this work will serve as stimulus for others to act for the common good.


Cooperation with websites Kirkuty and Virtual Shtetl

Preservation of matzevot in the town and putting them back on the local Jewish cemetery in the form of a lapidarium

Administration of social network pages and websites about Seroczyn

Co-author for a number of publication including “Seroczyniak” newspaper and a memoir book

Co-organizer of exhibitions about  local history

Damian Lewandowski


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