Marcin Pisula

Kazimierz Dolny


When I was a child, I loved going to the movies in my hometown of Kazimierz Dolny. I would visit the movie theater almost every day. I was amazed by the films  I saw and the beautiful screening room. One day an older resident pointed out that I am heading to the synagogue, not to the movie theater. As you can guess, “Wisła” movie theater was located in the building of the former synagogue. Then came questions: what is a synagogue? Who were Jews? What happened to them? And then I visited the Jewish cemetery. And so it began…

I teach history in a middle and elementary school in Kazimierz nad Wisłą. I am also a tour-guide in Kazimierz, Lublin and other sites in the Lublin area. I am a sightseer myself, as I love to travel: around my area, voivodeship, country. I also travel to farther and more exotic destinations and have visited almost all continents. I learn about the history of places I visit, history is my profession and passion. I also meet people, learn about them, their traditions and culture, which has taught me to have great respect and understanding for others, whom many people fear nowadays.

I am interested in Jewish culture and art. I was the coordinator for my school’s participation in the School of Dialogue program; this was the beginning of my ‘adventure’ with Forum for Dialogue. I employ a number of means to introduce my students to our town’s former Jewish residents: I organize walking tours and extracurricular history lessons,  I teach tolerance and respect for other cultures and religions, I lead and organize field trips to and seminars in sites connected with the Jewish history of Kazimierz, Lublin and Bychawa. I help organize festivals and other local cultural events pertaining to the history and culture of Jews in Kazimierz.

I believe that what I do is meaningful. It enriches me, gives new insights and teaches respect for the heritage of my hometown and its former residents.

Marcin Pisula

Kazimierz Dolny

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